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I am an only child. It meant I spent a lot of my childhood talking to cats and assemblies of teddy bears. Now I’m fortunate enough to regularly talk to real people like you about real life stuff.

You can book me as a keynote speaker, panellist or podcast guest, as an advocate for STEM careers, a commentator on small business life or to tell you the truth about life after loss.

Talk topics

  • Why you should put diversity & inclusion in pole position 

  • What on earth is a STEMinist? My STEM career story

  • From the starting grid to start up life; what racing cars can teach you about running a business

  • #ChooseToChallenge -  How to engineer our way to inclusive choices

  • #BreakTheBias -  Slowing down to win the race for gender equity

  • #EmbraceEquity - An engineer’s guide to equity

Away from professional topics, I also speak on bereavement and grieving. My signature talk - “An engineer’s guide to grief” - combines my professional perspective, with my deeply personal story.

International Women's Day 2024 talk

#InspireInclusion - Why inclusion is more impactful than diversity alone

During this IWD 2024 talk, we'll explore what safety shoes have to do with gender equality, why women are underrepresented in both the pit lane and the board room, and how we can all engineer our way to a more equitable world.

What do you get out of working with me?

My talks are always a mixture of anecdotes, explainers and takeaways. Not the "Friday night with a bottle of wine" kind. The kind of that leaves your attendees with things to think about, and put into action afterwards. 

I don’t rinse and repeat my talks. So if you ask me to come and speak at your event, I’ll tailor my message to make sure it hits your marks.

You’ll get a fresh face and a sense of humour. I’m not your typical motorsport engineer; less than 9% of UK engineers of any description are women. I’m not your stereotypical business owner; only one in three entrepreneurs are female. I was bereaved at the age of 24. I only discovered I was a feminist at 28. I really love wearing leopard print and jazzy trainers to important meetings. I think all of this makes me more of an interesting storyteller, rather than less of one. 

Why on earth should you listen to me about this stuff?

Apparently I'm “an engaging and emotive story teller”.

I’ve always been a bit of a talker, and only as an adult did I come to realise that most people get nervous about speaking to more than a handful of people. Honestly, I get more worried about a one-on-one conversation than I do about being microphoned up in front of hundreds of people. I can’t explain why, but my very patient therapist probably can.

I’ve packed a lot into my life. Again, my therapist might be able to explain this to you. Through the twists and turns I’ve always been inspired by shared stories. I’ve seen people create huge change through honest conversations. I also believe that you can’t be what you can’t see. So I decided to stop hiding and start having conversations with people.

Who do I work with?

If you are organising...

  • Conferences & festivals - particularly those focused on women in business, small businesses and STEM

  • Business and social events - including Q&As, masterminds, interviews, discussion panels

  • International Women’s Day events - IWD is my simply favourite day of the year

  • Employee engagement events - if you want to shine a light on diversity and inclusion

  • Careers events for young people - from primary to postgraduate level

  • Grief support networks and death cafes - particularly those looking to support young people

  • Podcasts - I'm a podcast addict

I might be the woman for you!

Read me...

Sharing my story and raising the profile of things I care deeply about is a real privilege. I care deeply about diversity and inclusion, so I want to make sure that events and organisations I work with aren’t just catering for the privileged

I ask that:

  • Myself and all other speakers/panellists/hosts are paid for their contributions to the event, and for the time it takes to prepare for it. I want to do a great job for you, and that takes time. Time and experience all costs money. By not paying contributors fairly, you're excluding amazing people that can’t afford to take the time out to be a part of your event.

  • Contributors’ travel expenses and tickets to your event are covered for the full duration of the event. This should be obvious, but you’d be surprised! You can’t assume your contributors have the cash to pay you to attend your event

  • Your speaker/panellist/host line-up is not pale, male and stale. I’m not interested in being your token young, white, female. I want to hear the stories of all genders and none, all ethnicities, all expressions, all orientations, all abilities, all ages and all experiences. They make events so much more valuable for everyone.

  • You value privacy and data protection as much as I do. I understand that conferences need to cover costs and most are profit-making enterprises. But I don’t think you achieve that by selling my data and that of fellow attendees.

  • You have a clear and communicated Code of Conduct for your event. I'll only speak in spaces that are safe and inclusive for all attendees.

  • You've considered the accessibility of your conferences. Whilst I don’t currently have any physical access requirements, I've attended many events that just aren’t prepared for attendees that do. It’s isolating, embarrassing and unnecessary in most cases.

  • Wherever possible the venue has gender-neutral and accessible toilets. 

  • If you can, you offer scholarships and support to marginalised folks that might not otherwise be able to attend your event.

  • You understand that I retain the intellectual property and ownership of my content. My speaking fee covers my time, preparation and the lifetime of lived experience I’m bringing. I don’t owe you anything else.

Where do we go from here?

Assuming you’ve read that, and are confident that your event is inclusive, or you’re actively working towards a more diverse agenda, then let’s talk about what I can bring to your event or organisation.

Drop me an email or book a quick call with me.

If you have a date and/or location for your event already confirmed please lead with this information. I don’t want to waste your time, or mine, if I’m not available.

Please do still get in touch if you are a not-for-profit or community organisation. Provided we’re aligned we may still be able to work together. 

If you’ve already booked me, here is the useful stuff you might need.