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I find social media a bit shouty sometimes. Instead of adding to the noise, I’ve made a quieter corner of the internet to share my thoughts with you.

Have a read. Get in touch if you want to make quiet noise with me.

It's time to get away: Cut, paste and customise out of office messages

With the whole worldwide pandemic thing, I think I'm not alone in feeling like some time away from our desks is overdue. I'm going to follow suit and take some time out in August. Of course, I couldn't leave you without sharing my three favourite out of office message templates with you.

Podcasts you need to add to your playlist

As the world of work accelerates, and the school summer holidays approach, it might be harder to sit down with a book. Here are some podcasts full of fascinating stories and interesting ideas that you can absorb on the move.

Must-reads for kick starting your business

Like most small businesses, my team and I are going back to the drawing board. I'm also heading back to my bookshelves. Anyone that has visited EBHQ will have seen my ever- expanding collection of business-y books.

The missing tactic in Formula 1’s race for diversity

Formula 1 has finally woken up to the reality of it’s largely pale and male make up. However the words I can't find in the hastily written commitments and awkwardly read statements are the most important ones to me.

Make decisions twice as fast with half the meetings

To mark the end of Pride month and International Women in Engineering Day, I'm going to share with you some pretty convincing statistics about why you should be actively building diverse teams...

It’s time to play your part: Black Lives Matter

Whether you are a small business owner, project manager or events planner, you must do your bit to create a more equitable future. All of these roles are ones of privilege. You set the tone. You decide the priorities. You draw up the guest list.

Get ready for launch: Processes, policies and procedures

I spent most of last week getting over excited about the NASA-SpaceX launch. It got me thinking; we can learn a lot from the way NASA and SpaceX use carefully prepared processes, policies and procedures.

Updating your data protection policies for “unprecedented times”

Lockdown has brought us a whole new lexicon - unprecedented, furlough, Barnard Castle - and for many small businesses, a host of new technologies. So before we head off into the “new normal” you should make time to think about data protection.

The inside scoop on scopes of work

Even for our internal projects, we’ve been writing a scope of work. Why? Because we didn’t do this well enough earlier in our business.

Step away from the spreadsheet

With great power comes great responsibility. Spreadsheets are a powerful tool, but one small business owners and project managers need to use more responsibly.

MoSCoW: Priorities can help you win prizes

MoSCoW is a project management technique for helping to understand, manage and communicate priorities. I think it’s really handy for getting a project started or to tackle an overwhelming to-do list.

Joining your own dots

Right now I’m working on finding and re-connecting them in a way of connecting people, causes, opportunities and issues that finally works for me personally. In a way that will make me a better business owner, a better project manager and a better advocate for the rights of women and girls.

The ten tools you need in your business toolbox

Don't believe it when people say you have to have a big budget or be a whizz kid to use clever tech in your business or latest project. You just need a starter for ten, so here are my top ten tools for your business toolbox.

Don't look back in anger: Introducing the “Retrospective”

A retrospective, or if you are a cool tech type - just a casual “retro”, is a meeting held by a team at the end of a project, event or process, or sometimes just after an iteration of a process.

You should get on board with onboarding

A great onboarding process doesn't just set the tone for your working relationship or the project you're managing. It saves time, makes money & reduces stress.

Where does the time go? Why time tracking works

As a service-based business, I have to keep an eye on the clock more than others. But even if you don’t charge for your time there are other reasons why you might want to consider time tracking in your organisation.

Is that a deadline?

I want to introduce you to the concept of a dreadline. Not a deadline, but a dreadline. It’s something me and my team come back to frequently at EBHQ when juggling multiple projects.

It's time to tackle those business operations to-dos

I really don’t think the world needs another hot take on “how to remote work in a pandemic”. So what I’ve decided to do is just remind you of some little small business operations to-dos that you can definitely DIY.