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I am led by...

  • Creativity - Transcend traditional ideas and rules, patterns and methods, interpretations and expectations. Create new ones.

  • Curiosity - Always be interested; even in the seemingly uninteresting. That’s often where the best bits lie.

  • Commitment - Bring your whole self to everything you do - not just business. Don’t hold back, but try to leave on time.

I know my strengths...

I am:

  • Brave - In thoughts and actions, I step forward

  • Enthusiastic - I’m willing and able to help when I can

  • Adaptable - I am quick to think, decide and act; I make stuff work

  • Articulate - I can convey concepts and stories (I’m working on feelings!)

  • Independent - I look for my own solutions and invent new ones

I will be generous with my skills...

I can:

  • Join the dots - Spotting opportunities, connecting people, seeing over the horizon

  • Problem solve - I respond well to immediate challenges

  • Provide creative input and challenge expectations

  • Focus equally on “task” and “process”

  • Prioritise and provide pragmatism

  • See the bigger picture - who, what, why, where, when

  • Get stuff done 

I follow my inspiration...

I am inspired by:

  • Stories - books, podcasts, films and documentaries

  • Something where there once was nothing - creative projects and clean sheet technology

  • Models, theories and frameworks - adapting them and trying to apply them

  • Consistent and carefully curated aesthetics

I will seek and share joy...

I get joy from:

  • The initial “brain download and breathe out”

  • Putting a creative spin on something practical

  • Creating something from nothing

  • Talking, writing and sharing stories

  • Ticking off the to-do list

I will always evolve...

These were key moments in my “professional” life:

  • Getting given three new laptops, three new racing cars and making it work, despite a little “can’t do this” cry. Being asked to get my passport and join the team

  • Walking away from a financially secure, but mentally toxic workplace - in a relatively split-second decision. I’ve never regretted it on any level

  • Creating an event from scratch because I realised no one else would

I truly believe that...

We should all spend time doing what we love - whether that is growing your business, working on what you are good at or spending time with the things and people you care about.

I make that happen by...

  • Taking on projects

  • Managing operations

  • Giving structure, systems and skills

  • Sharing stories and experiences

  • Making stuff happen