My partner and I are excited to welcome a tiny new addition to our family in November; I begin parental leave on 1st November 2023, and will be back to work in early April 2024.

What does that mean if you want to work with me?

Please consider me completely "off-grid" from 1st November until 2nd January 2024 . You can still hire me to run your operations and projects from 8th April 2024

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The ten tools you need in your business toolbox

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Don't believe it when people say you have to have a big budget or be a whizz kid to use clever tech in your business or your latest project.

You just need a starter for ten, some time to explore and a bit of persistence. Today I'm going to give you that starter - my top ten tools for your business toolbox.

I don’t think you need to sign up for the same subscriptions as your competitors. You need to choose the right things for your clients and your team.

First up, consider your clients. What do they need from you? How do they like to communicate?

Now, on to you. What are the tasks that never move from the to-do list? What jobs do you “cut & paste”? What takes “too much” time? 

Only now can you start to think about what systems, processes and automation might benefit you, and your clients, most. 

The following platforms are things my team and I use or have used in our business. All these platforms come with free trial versions and lots of online tutorials. They might not be right for all organisations but are good places to start your tool shopping...

🔐 LastPass 

LastPass remembers all your passwords across every device.

⌚ Toggl

Toggl provides hassle-free time tracking.

🗓️ Calendly

Calendly helps you schedule meetings without the back-and-forth emails.

🗳️ Doodle

Doodle finds the best time for meetings big or small.

✅ Trello

Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organise and prioritise your projects.

🧵 Slack

Keep conversations organised in Slack, the smart alternative to email.

📦 Google G Suite

Connect, create, access and control with this suite of apps from Google.

🖌️ Canva

Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of layouts on Canva.

🖼 Later

Later helps you visually plan, schedule and analyze posts for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

🤖 Dubsabo

Create custom workflows to send emails and complete tasks so you don’t have to with Dubsabo.

With any new tool or process things will, initially, take a little longer. However, with a pinch of perseverance, you’ll soon be making time to do the things you love - in and outside of your business.

Still not sure where to start organising or operationalising your small business or next project? You can book one of my free of charge 15-minute calls to talk tools with me.

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